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Hutchinson/Mayrath has grown to become a supplier to the world with grain and material handling equipment. Under the Mayrath brand, a complete range of portable augers and belt conveyors are produced. These products include diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, and 13 inch diameter models.  Portable auger brands names include Gear Drive Swing-Aways, TD-Plus Top Drive Augers, and In-Line Drive Augers.  In the belt conveyor line of products, brand names include the Squeeze Belt Conveyors, Drive-Over Belt Hopper Conveyor and the Seed Belt Conveyor.


Ryder Supply does not stock every everything that Mayrath offers. Below you can find a link to the specs in PDF form on our most popular sellers. Please contact us for additional details, product availability, and pricing.  Also feel free to visit their website at



In-Line transport Augers