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Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds patented dual-chamber design provides invariable, stable cushion for cow descent each and every time she lies down. The water suspends the cow’s pressure points. The bed gently moves with her skin.


The benefits of DCC Waterbeds:

  • Prevent swollen hocks
  • Increase lying times
  • Provide consistent, dry bedding
  • Lower somatic cell count & no more mastitis
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smart investment
  • Long life expectancy
  • Compatible with technology


DCC Waterbeds are truly different than any other bedding surface on the market. They float the cow, literally, and move with her skin, protecting her from abrasions, swelling, and sores. Thousands of cows around the world provide living proof that DCC Waterbeds are comfortable and truly protect the skin.

How do they work?

The cow’s body forces the water to her pressure points, her hocks, knees and udder, floating them, and the bed moves with her skin, preventing sores.


No more sand, no more hassle

Over and over we hear “sand is the number one in cow comfort.” The university studies may have sand listed at the very top, but the research we’ve seen and the testimonials from our customers show that DCC Waterbeds are neck-and-neck in terms of cow comfort  – no hock swelling, long lying times, great production. Add to that that our farmers consistently report SCC levels steady between 100,000 and 150,000 and no mastitis, the case for sand gets weaker.

Smart Investment

DCC Waterbeds end up being the lowest cost-per-stall bedding solution on the market today. How? By eliminating your ongoing bedding and maintenance costs and watching your investment last for more than a decade.

More Information

For more information you can contact us or visit http://www.dccwaterbeds.com/

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