Monthly Archive May 26, 2016

Black Valley Farm


With the ever-growing popularity of backyard chickens and homegrown gardens, more and more people are becoming conscious of where food comes from and how it’s being raised.  That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to Black Valley Farm.

292760_10151200348090502_675178477_nLocated in Everett, Pennsylvania, Black Valley Farm is a diversified open air piggery specializing in heritage Kunekune pigs for pasture, pork, and progeny.   Their herd ranks as one of the largest in the nation.

What we find particularly special about Black Valley is their focus on education. They offer workshops, classes and events that draw attendance from across the USA.  They take great pride in their beyond organic and sustainable practices. One of those practices is raising their flocks and herds on pastures and Port-A-Hut has been an incredible and economical asset to them.



“Our breeding herd is kept on pasture year round. Port-A-Huts offer the portability to rotate our herd as needed.” says Alana Schoffstall of Black Valley Farm.



11028354_10153402682160502_4853902113950830733_nPort-A-Huts are a regular part of their Pastured Pork Workshop as they cover the basics of raising pigs on pasture. “Port-A-Hut is far more durable than the plastic calf huts we used prior to switching over,” says Alana, “They also stand up to regular relocation and stay in place better during high winds and storms.”




One of the things that make these huts so popular is their ability to provide sufficient shelter during the colder winter months for wintering on pasture and they are versatile enough for sows to farrow in the huts during the summer months.





Interested in more about Black Valley Farm and their sustainable practices? Their workshops are open to anyone, weather you’re a hobby farmer, an enthusiastic foodie, or an agricultural entrepreneur. They will get you started and provide you will some great advice on living beyond organic.

Black Valley also offers seasonal CSA shares including award winning pork, lamb, and poultry as well as seasonal produce. Check them out on their website and on Facebook