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For over 50 years Port-A-Hut Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing its own line of portable steel livestock shelters. Their shelters and huts get used for just about everything from individual calves or sows, to sheep and goats or horses, or for larger groups of livestock, or even for storage for smaller machinery, or vehicles.

The small hut (41/2’x71/2’) comes assembled and has optional front’s with and without doors. The 6’ wide hut comes in 7’ and 11’ lengths and also comes assembled, it also has optional fronts and fronts with doors. The 8′,10′,12′,and 14′ wide shelters come in any length in 7′ increments and are assembled by the customer . 2 people can setup a hut or shelter in from 2 to 4 hrs. depending on the size. The larger shelters come with all parts including 4×4 skids and bolts. You do have to anchor the larger shelters to the ground, anchors are not included with these. The small huts and the 6’ wide huts do come with anchors.

For more information, contact us or visit http://www.port-a-hut.com